Torsten Reil

Non-executive Director | FiveAI

Torsten Reil is the founder and former CEO of NaturalMotion, a UK-based games and technology company spun out of Oxford University. NaturalMotion’s AI-based animation technology powers some of the biggest blockbuster movies (e.g. Lord of the Rings) and video games (such as GTA IV and V). In 2011, the company started developing its own game IP, resulting in the largest racing franchise on mobile (the 200m-user CSR Racing) and the award-winning Clumsy Ninja. At the moment he works as non-executive director at fiveAI.

Torsten has spoken at TED, Apple’s iPhone 5 keynote and Google Zeitgeist.

FiveAI provides software for safe and cost effective urban mobility in public transport and solution to complex urban environments.

My Sessions

Autonomous driving: reality or still dreams of the future? 🇬🇧

Main Stage

Automation in traffic has long been beyond the test phase, but can autonomously driving cars and buses prevail in everyday life? 45 percent of motorists do not believe in the reliability of this technology, but the potential for the economy, society and security seems enormous. How do you arouse the digital euphoria, so that finally […]